Not Another Bill!: June 2014

2014-06-12 11.12.47

In a departure from my usual beauty box chatter, I’d like to tell you about another monthly treat I’m subscribed to – Not Another Bill! Don’t you just hate it when you hear the post drop through the letterbox, and it could be anything, yet it turns out to just be another bill? I know I do. I am as excited as a puppy when there’s post!

Not Another Bill is a service that aims to alleviate that feeling, or does it just create more anticipation?, by sending you a lovely surprise every month for around £18 a go. This month was my first parcel, and I was not disappointed! I spent a long time scrutinising the various things people had received previously before deciding to sign up for this, given that, compared to my other subscriptions, it’s quite expensive. I was always impressed. One month was a build-it-yourself camera, for heaven’s sake! How cool is that?!

2014-06-12 11.11.06

Anyways, I received a gorgeous frame from Ferm Living, a cool Danish design company that caters for the whole home. The idea behind this frame is how frustrating and expensive it can be to frame an unusually sized print. I completely understand this. I love collecting posters, but hate ruining them with blu-tack or sellotape or pins etc. Therefore, I have real difficulty displaying my collection. This frame attaches to the top and bottom by slotting the print in between the frame and a slim strip of wood. There are screws which then tighten against the wood (allen key provided), holding the print in place without damaging it. It therefore has a very minimal look, hanging from a leather strap.

And what would be a frame without something to put in it? Not Another Bill included this limited edition print, ‘Splat’, a gold foil splat on a white marble background, to fill the frame.

2014-06-12 11.09.44

It was a bit fiddly, but with the boyfriend helpfully pitching in to line the print up whilst I wielded the allen key, we had the print up on the wall nice and quickly. Now we have art!

I am already eagerly awaiting next month!

I have done an absolute ton of internet shopping recently. And real life shopping. And I wonder why I have no money!! I am working a 40hr week, that must mean I’m allowed a treat, right? Oh well. Do be assured, I will be sharing. If only to try and guilt myself into lesser extravagance by confronting it! Back to beauty boxes next time, folks!

Are you subscribed to Not Another Bill? Do you feel tempted? What do you think of the print? Leave me a comment and let me know!! xx

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