Love Me Beauty: June 2014

2014-06-16 10.38.04

Happy Birthday, Love me Beauty! It’s hard to believe it, but these brilliant boxes have just turned 1 year old. They’ve done such a good job of providing consistently high-quality boxes, and their menu system is so unique, that I feel this is the first of many birthday celebrations to come!

Urban Veda: Purifying Day Cream – £14.99 for 50ml

 Urban Veda are all about the natural. Therefore they claim to be highly sustainable, and conduct no animal testing. Their products are focused around botanicals, with this day cream including Neem, Witch Hazel, and Spearmint. The scent really is a big hitter, smelling clinical and yet natural somehow? I guess that’s the mint in action. It feels so refreshing to apply, and absorbs well into the skin. I’ve been using it daily for about a week now, and my skin has been lovely and soft.

Model Co: Shine Ultra Lip Gloss – £12

2014-06-16 10.43.46

Fairy Floss is a lovely gentle pink sheen, available here, that isn’t too sticky, and has quite a pleasant flavour. It’s super shiny, and lasts reasonably well. However, the most impressive thing to me about this product is the packaging – it has a mirror on it! I haven’t seen this before, and I have to wonder why? It’s a brilliant idea! You can do your gloss wherever you are without having to juggle a million things! Genius! This is definitely what I will reach for when I’m travelling. I wish there was a little more colour there, but as I didn’t pick the shade, I can’t really say I’m disappointed by it.

Montagne Jeunesse – Brazilian Mud Fabric Masque – £1.49

Montagne Jeunesse has been on my radar ever since I was a little girl. They are one of those iconic brands that seem to be in the collective consciousness, with their masques a staple of sleepovers and relaxing days in. This particular masque is new to the collection, containing Acai berries, avocado, and of course, purple(!) Brazilian mud where is this purple wonderland?? I have to confess, I haven’t actually tried this out. I am waiting til I have a day off work (one day it might happen!) to unwind with this. I am very excited to give it a go though.

Beauty UK: Eye shadow Palette – £3.99 

2014-06-16 10.39.40
I am a relentless collector of eye shadow palettes. They are possibly my favourite kind of product, in fact I never actually buy single eye shadows anymore!  This little palette has a good range of colours, and is very portable. The quality is fairly average, but for £3.99 I can’t complain. I think this is something I’d keep in my handbag for emergency eye shadow moments!

NYX Cosmetics: Nail Polish – £3.00 for 15ml

2014-06-23 10.40.40

I really like the colour of this polish, ‘winter’, but I can’t find it online anywhere – hence no link! It’s kinda a pearlescent peach, and it’s making my hands look a lot more tanned then they are – maybe not in the photo above though! I have only just applied this, so I can’t speak for it’s durability yet. Hopefully I won’t have to reapply it too soon, seeing as I don’t think I’d be able to re-buy it!

There we go, another good box from Love Me Beauty. I particularly liked how well balanced it was, with the beauty products spread out for nails, lips and eyes, and the skincare between daily use and special treat. I like being able to use everything at once!

Did you opt for a different menu? How was it? What was your favourite product? Leave me a comment!! xx


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