Hi guys! Welcome to my blog!

I’m a student, so not particularly well-off, so I spend a lot of time searching the internet for reviews of beauty products so I don’t waste my hard-earned on rubbish. For the same reason, I love trying out samples and really making sure something is worth it. After a while of reading these things, I realised, hey, I could do that too!

I love all things make-up and body-care, so expect to see those kinds of posts from me! My hair is my own personal pride and (unmanageable) joy, so I hope to post quite a bit about the various products I use on it. I am a major beauty box fanatic (cost-efficient surprises, yay!) and I intend to review every one I receive for you guys!

Here are some facts about me.

I’m 23, and I live in Scotland, though I’m originally from Blackpool. I study Latin and Ancient Greek, which isn’t quite as geeky as it sounds, and I love to read just about anything (maybe a slip in a wee book review here and there!). I’m no expert at all of this beauty stuff, I just really enjoy it, and hope to share my passion with you lovelies out in the blogosphere!

Feel free to get in touch with me! I love meeting people and making new friends, and I’m always up for a chat!

Ciao! xx


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