British Beauty Blogger Dream Box Post 1!!

Well hello there, my lovelies! I have a little bit of internet drama recently which means I have rather a glut of posts for you. I’ll do my best to stagger them a bit for you, so my blog will be quite busy over the next few days!

More on that later…

First of all, as promised, a quick review of some of the wonderful products from the Dream Box, a Latest in Beauty and British Beauty Blogger collaboration, which sold out astonishingly quickly, so I feel like a very lucky lady to have managed to get hold of one!

The products I’ve chosen to highlight today are those which are make-up based and that I have been using on a pretty much daily basis.

Makeup Revolution Awesome Eyeshadow & Eyebrow Palette – £4.00

2014-06-13 12.50.552014-06-13 12.50.28

As you can see, I’ve really been impressed by this palette. The variant is called ‘Disappear Tomorrow’ and is made up of lots of lovely earthy neutral tones. There are four variations, and this is definitely the most muted, with ‘Sticks and Stones’ looking like the most exciting, all available on Makeup Revolution’s webstore. I haven’t really used the two large eyebrow powders at the bottom, but I have tried all of the 14, yes, 14!!!, eyeshadows. These shades are well pigmented, and last quite well over an 8 hour period. I didn’t experience much slippage apart from with the four creamy shimmery glittery shades, which did end up coating my under-eye area with glitter! There is a good mix of tones here, enabling a great smoky eye as well as a more restrained daytime look, and the shades compliment each other really well, so you can create some quite striking combinations. Included are two little brushes, which I haven’t really used, but I’m sure would be quite handy on the go.



  REN Satin Perfection BB Cream – £26.00 for 50ml

2014-06-13 12.52.14

I’m afraid I can’t swatch this for you, as I loved it so much that it’s, er, all gone already! I’ve never really bought into BB creams, but I am a true convert to REN! This applies beautifully smoothly, and really blends down, so that it evens out skin tone without it looking as though you’re wearing anything. An added bonus is the SPF, as even on grey days when you wouldn’t think of breaking out the sun cream it’s important to be protected against those powerful rays. I haven’t repurchased it yet, available here,  but I will be doing so as soon as I get paid as it is quite pricey for me. REN has a lovely alliterative philosophy of ‘performance, purity, pleasure,’ which I feel is completely lived up to in this product. It performs exceptionally well, maintains the ideal of having no hidden nasties in its formula, and is a delight to wear.

  Bourjois Cream Blush – £7.99

2014-06-13 12.52.36Never having used a cream blush before (to be honest, blush has never really been my thing), I was a little dubious as to how my relationship with this product would pan out, but, almost predictably, I was pleasantly surprised. I received the shade Rose Tender, and was initially terrified by the bright line of pink gracing my cheeks. However, this blends down absolutely fabulously, and I believe that anyone could use any shade of this product and achieve a great effect through blending. I’ve gone from almost never wearing blusher to applying this on a daily basis – it has to be an absolute favourite of mine now, and it’s currently 2 for £14 across the Bourjois range at Boots!

Essie Polish – Hide and go Chic! – £7.99

2014-06-13 12.49.36

I have quite a lot of pink shades already, but as I’ve never tried an essie I was still quite pleased to receive this pastel baby pink, ‘Romper Room’. It’s a great glossy shade, would look fantastic with a tan, and applies really well, with two coats being sufficient for full coverage. It impressed me a lot with its survival skills, as it stayed un-chipped as I took about and thoroughly cleaned the glasswasher at work without marigolds! When it did start to go, I lost the entire coat on my nail at once, instead of  it chipping away, so I was quite pleased with that, as I absolutely hate scruffy nails. Now, I don’t exactly wear this every day, but it is going to be a shade I see myself using a lot over the summer months – wouldn’t it just look great wrapped around a cocktail glass? Mmmm, I can taste it already!

Okie dokie, so that’s my first set of reviews based on the Dream Box! There will be more! Also coming soon is a review of this month’s Birchbox,  and Love me Beauty Box, which have literally just arrived, and of course GlossyBox. I also have a post prepared on a little something different – Not Another Bill. This is a fab subscription service for unusual and spectacular presents to drop through your door! Also, I am preparing my post for a Liebster award, as I have kindly been nominated by the lovely Clare and Katie, both of whose blogs I really recommend!

Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days, you’ll be hearing quite a lot from me!

What are your thoughts on the products I’ve reviewed? Leave me a comment!! xx


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