Birchbox May 2014: Harper’s Bazaar

2014-05-28 07.43.16

This has to be my favourite beauty box of all time. When the theme was announced it was obviously going to be a very good box, but what I received really exceeded my expectations and has firmly cemented Birchbox as my absolute favourite beauty box provider. Needless to say, the box itself is beautiful and a delight to receive, but the products this month really are absolutely fantastic.

Liz Earle: Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser & Muslin Cloth ~ £5.50 – 30ml

This is the cleanser that everyone’s been talking about, and having used this for a few days now, it’s easy to see why! It has a fantastically refreshing scent, and leaves my skin feeling clean and clear. Just the ticket! Within the box it was wrapped up with the cloth in a cute little crepe paper package, which was a really sweet touch. Including a product  like this, winner of 100 awards and counting, is exactly why I love Birchbox: the quality and desirability of the products seems to be consistently high. The leaflet that accompanies the product suggests that 100ml is enough for 30 days, so I am hoping to get over a week’s worth of trialling out of this. This is a really good amount to test out whether the cleanser is something I want to go away and invest in.

Benefit: They’re Real! Mascara – 3g

This is a really dinky sample size of the much lauded mascara, and I’m so happy to have received it! I have a lot of mascaras to trial at the moment, and so far none of them have been exactly right for me. It’s a shame, as I hate feeling like I’m wasting a full tube if I open it and end up only using it occasionally during it’s limited lifetime. I haven’t actually had the opportunity to trial it yet, but I’ll let you know when I do find that mascara of my dreams!


Aromatherapy Associates: Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil – 3ml

The first thing I have to say is this smells absolutely delicious. It was one of those products that I felt really conflicted using, as I wanted to save it for a special occasion. However, curiosity got the better of me, and I found myself relaxing in a grapefruit scented bath before I knew what was happening. This is a lovely product, totally refreshing and invigorating, and my skin felt beautifully soft after use. My only complaint is that my sample yielded only one use. Guess I’m just going to have to get my hands on a full-size…


Beauty Protector: Protect & Shampoo and Protect & Condition – each 30ml

Beauty Protector is not a brand I was familiar with before this box, but as my hair is probably my favourite feature, I’m always excited to discover new haircare products. These are daily use products that claim to offer shine and protection. They have a very sweet, almost candyfloss-like aroma, which is very different from the products I normally use, so was a nice change. I have to say, they didn’t do a very good job of moisturising my hair, but then, I tend to use other products on it as well as my regular shampoo and conditioner, which I did not do here, as I wanted to see what these products were like on their own. They did give my hair a nice shine though. I don’t usually wash my hair daily, but I think these would have been great when I was travelling in Italy last summer and really needed to wash my hair everyday. They seem to be quite gentle on the hair, which soothes my fears of damaging by over-washing a little.

Soigné: Pomegranate Nail Lacquer ~ £11 – 10ml

2014-05-28 07.45.21

Wow, just look at that packaging! The brand name translates as something-along-the-lines-of well-groomed, and how the product itself lives up to that! Sleek and elegant indeed. A non-toxic nail polish is always a welcome addition to my collection, and I was really happy with the results you can see above. Pomegranate is the perfect summer red, and is super easy to apply, thanks to the well shaped brush. Not only that, but I could probably have gotten away with only one coat and still experienced the fantastic depth of colour and complete coverage I gained from two. In addition to this fabulousness, I actually find the polish to be really hardwearing. After a long shift in the pub, only the tips of two of my fingers had chipped, and had done so only very slightly! Fantastic! I will definitely be acquiring some more of these polishes.


So all in all a pretty rave review of this month’s Birchbox! There are still a few days left for you to subscribe if you’ve been on the fence, but personally, I just can’t wait til next month!

How about you, what was your favourite product? What shade of nail polish did you receive? Leave a comment!! xx



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