Love Me Beauty: May Menu 2

2014-05-22 14.24.48

Hello, folks! Just finished my last piece of coursework for the year! Now just have my dissertation to write… Gulp!  This year has been one heck of a rollercoaster, but something that’s always cheered me up is my monthly box from Love Me Beauty. For just £10 +p&p (£2.95) you receive a box of goodies that you’ve pre-chosen from a set of menus which mix beauty, bodycare, and lifestyle options. Don’t like a month’s menus? It’s absolutely no hassle to skip. I love the surprise of blindly opening a beauty box, but the feeling of anticipation I get knowing my box is on the way is just as good!

The box itself isn’t that fancy (hence why I haven’t pictured it above), but I’ve never had a box arrive in anything other than perfect condition, and it does save on packaging.

So, what’s in the box this month?

Tea Pigs: Rooibos Crème Caramel ~ £0.65 (per teabag)

This is a beautiful, indulgent cup of tea that feels like it’s giving you a hug from the inside out. It’s also caffeine free, which is great as I’ve been drinking it before bedtime. Rooibos supposedly has many health benefits, so it’s nice to feel like I’m being a bit decadent and giving my body something too.

Suti:  Trial Pack in Cleanse Balm, Purity Balm and Fabulous Foot Balm

Now, I haven’t put a price down for this as you can buy it from Suti’s site for £6.50, where it actually has more in it! I love the smell of the cleanse balm, which melts gorgeously on the skin. I thought it smelt a bit like a lemon tart, which is my favourite! I can’t say I’ve noticed any particular change in my skin, either for the worse or better, though.The foot balm also feels wonderful, and it’s nice to treat my feet with summer on the horizon (maybe?)

GO Stationery: Pocket Notebook Set in ‘Tulip Garden’ ~ £5 

These notebooks are so cute! I actually received a slight colour varient on the set I received, so as you can see above, it’s more green, black and pink than the blue and pink version shown on the website. Perfect size for a handbag, great for jotting down ideas on the go! I love that my box has included these this month, even if they aren’t strictly speaking beauty. Beauty is an inside and out thing, so letting the creativity flow in some gorgeous little notebooks fits the bill for me.

Raw Skincare: Natural Lip Balm in Ginger ~ £1.98  

I must confess to not having heard of raw skincare before. This is a great little lip balm, however, so I am keen to find out more! I am definitely a lip balm fanatic (I even make my own!), but I’ve never had a ginger one before, which is what drew me so strongly to this menu option. It moisturises my lips well, and although ginger can be quite a strong flavour, the lip balm isn’t too overwhelming, and I actually find it quite uplifting and refreshing.

Nail Girls: Nail Polish in ‘Nude Pink’ ~ £13.50  

2014-05-22 14.25.59


This is a lovely summery colour that I’m sure I’ll get plenty of use out of! I’ve already worn it a few times, and it’s lasted quite well, although I don’t think it’s up to heavy wear (it was no match for the busy bar I work in). I found this easy to apply, and two coats were enough to give an even coverage. It took a little longer to dry than I’d expect, but it dried with a lovely sheen, so overall very pleased to have received this!


There we have it! I really enjoyed May’s box. For me it was the perfect mix of body, beauty, and treats! I already can’t wait for next month’s box!

What did you think of your LoveMeBeauty Box this month? What menu did you pick? What was your favourite item? Leave a comment! xx


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