Vaseline: Spray & Go Body Moisturiser

2014-05-19 20.18.38

Cocoa Radiant ~ £4.99

Hi guys! So, I know I’m a little late to the party on this one, it’s been on the market nearly a year?, but I’d seen a few reviews of Vaseline’s Spray & Go popping up recently, and was intrigued to give it a whirl. I can be pretty lazy when it comes to moisturising, especially  as I don’t really like getting my hands covered in lotion and making everything I touch greasy! I also have a tendency to skip my moisturiser if I’m in a rush, and then really regret it later in the day! Therefore this seemed like the perfect product for my minimal effort and mess approach.

It is really easy to use, and if you move quickly the layer of lotion is light enough that it doesn’t even need rubbing into the skin. Of course, if you hold the canister steady, you can build up the amount of product anywhere that you feel needs some extra attention. I really enjoyed the cooling sensation of spraying this onto my skin, particularly my back, as it made it feel a bit tingly! It’s also great for making sure you get even coverage. I tend to whack a load of product on my palms and just rub it over my body until it’s gone, which I’m sure is much less efficient. It has a nice light feeling, not greasy at all, which my skin has no trouble absorbing.

My skin certainly feels soft and smooth, but I don’t think I’ve been using this product long enough to say whether it’s had any lasting beneficial effect. Novel as the delivery is, I can’t really see it being substantially better than any other moisturiser, well-applied.

I bought the Cocoa version of this product really because it was the only one my local store carried, but I’m glad I did because the smell is absolutely divine whilst being pleasingly subtle. I don’t know whether it’s just me associating different products, but it really reminds me of the flavouring of the Cocoa lipbalm Vaseline do.

I would definitely buy this product again, as it’s a reasonable price and makes moisturising that much quicker and easier. I don’t think I’d use this as my only moisturiser, – I like to indulge every now and again! –  but for those busy mornings it means my skin still gets its fix without making me late.

Have you tried Vaseline’s Spray & Go? Are the other scents as nice? Do leave me a comment and let me know!! xx


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