GlossyBox May 2014: Fifty Years of Superdrug!

Image  After a shaky few months at GlossyBox, May seemed to be a month to look forward to, with the promise of an exciting collaboration and plenty of full-sized goodies! I’m writing this after reading various other blogs, and I have to say, some of the boxes do look fantastic! Mine wasn’t on the great side of things really, but here goes!

As ever, the GlossyBox packaging is really gorgeous. I love this light, colourful theme, though I did like the teaser illustrations they released on Facebook quite a bit more. How cute would a box with little birds on it be!?? I liked seeing Lucy Mecklenburgh on the cover of the magazine, as I do have a bit of a TOWIE obsession, and think she’s absolutely gorgeous! On to the important stuff!

Superdrug: Large Doughnut Ring ~ £3.99 (Though actually on sale at the moment)

Never used one of these before. Don’t think that sort of style really suits me, thought I will give it a go! It’s my colour, but don’t think I’ll get that much use out of it. I will apologise profusely if I fall in love with it!

I Love Cosmetics: Strawberries and Milkshake Shimmer & Shine ~ £1.29 – 15ml

So that’s my attempt at a swatch. I had to build up a lot of gloop on my arm even before the camera would pick it up! I hate this. Actually hate. There is almost no colour, a tiny bit of shimmer, and it’s super sticky. The worst part? Cheap plasticy smell and taste. It felt like I was literally putting poison onto my body. Ew.

Solait: Illuminating Facial Bronzing Cream ~ £2.99 – 100ml

Now, feel free to call me a snob, but my first reaction was – £2.99!? This can’t possibly work! I’m not really into facial bronzers, and I’m not intending to try it out until I don’t have to be in work the next day… Just in case! I will let you know if it  actually turns out to be a miracle potion.

L’Oreal Paris: Volume Million Lashes Black ~ £10.99

2014-05-16 21.45.26

I have a feeling that this is supposed to be the product that makes up for the kinda poor showing I’ve had so far. I have so many mascaras at the moment it’s going to take me a while to get round to this one. It’s not something I would pick up myself, so I’m interested to see what it’ll be like.

B.: Quick One Coat Professional Finish Nail Polish in ‘Precious’ ~ £4.99 – 8ml

2014-05-16 20.43.11

I was originally skeptical about this polish, but I’ve been wearing it for a few hours now, and it’s really grown on me. The colour is lovely (I’m wearing just one coat, as per instruction!, in the photos above), the coverage is great, one coat dries fairly quickly, and I’ve yet to see how much it can withstand! I can feel this becoming something I’ll use regularly, particularly to add a wee accent to a pastel manicure . I think the colour is supposed to be bronze, but I’m in fairly soft lighting at the moment, and it’s a lovely rose gold.

Sample! Garnier: Oil Beauty Lotion ~ £4.99 – 250ml

Body lotions are something I receive quite a lot of, so initially I wasn’t too excited by this. Then I read that it’s infused with argan, almond, rose and macadamia oil, something with which I’ve become a little bit obsessed with as of late, so this seems perfect! The smell is absolutely gorgeous! I used it a few hours ago, and I can still smell it on me, which is great! I would definitely not wear a perfume over this scent if I were just out and about! It applied beautifully, with a very light, non-greasy feel, and seems to have a slight shimmer? If I ever manage to run out of lotion I would definitely buy this – heck, I might even just go out and get some anyway!

Sample! GHOST Fragrances: Eclipse ~ £33 – 50ml

This perfume has quite a citrusy-fruity head, and a lovely musky amber base. I would say it’s quite a mature scent, and I do quite like it. I think I’d be quite happy to receive this as a present, though I never usually buy perfume for myself.


Well, that’s that! To be honest, I was fairly disappointed with this box. I expected a few more exciting products than something I could just wander into a shop and buy off the shelves. I think I might give GlossyBox one more month before I cancel. There were a few good products in here, but I’m really not happy to spend so much money on things I’ll never use. Oh well!

How did you find your GlossyBox? Did you receive anything different? I’d love to know! Leave a comment! xx



4 thoughts on “GlossyBox May 2014: Fifty Years of Superdrug!

  1. I would love to use my donut… But it’s black when my hair is blonde… I don’t see the point in these beauty profiles when they aren’t gonna listen to a simple thing like hair colour! And the bronzer…. I’m pale! I never use bonzer! I feel like I get the worst boxes every month!

    1. Oh Clare, that really sucks! It does seem pointless filling in those profiles if, even when you get a product you like, it’s the wrong colour for you!

      It’s a real shame, especially when there are other companies who do so well for such a similar price (this month’s BirchBox collaboration with Harper’s Bazaar is absolutely fantastic and I can’t wait to post my review of it!!)

      If you’re still subscribing to GB, hope next month goes better for you!


  2. I’ve actually just signed up to Birchbox because I’ve heard amazing things about them. Still signed up to Glossybox and I’ve emailed them regarding the beauty profile and if nothing is done in the next couple of boxes I will be leaving.

    1. Sounds like a plan! I’ve been very impressed by BirchBox so far, and from the sounds of it they just go from strength to strength! – Hope you have the same experience!


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